H. William Harlan (Proprietor)
Bob Levy (Director of Winegrowing)
Don Weaver (Estate Director)
Mary Maher (Vineyard Manager), Cory Empting (Winemaker)
John Daniels (Project Manager), Micah Flynn (Ranch Manager)

The Team

"It's hard to say exactly why the wines are as good as they are, except to point to obvious factors, such as location, terroir and the talents of Harlan's longtime team, most of whom have been with Harlan since the mid-1980's"

Cellar and vineyard crew (left to right): Roberto Jacobo, Salvador Cortez, Leopoldo Hernandez, Jose Luis Hernandez, Gonzalo Murillo-Haro, Ignacio Chavez, Heriberto Jimenez, Miguel Carrillo, Juan de Haro, and Genaro Carrillo