Harlan Estate winery and vineyards, looking northwest from upper olive grove

The Estate

Founded in 1984, Harlan Estate is a winegrowing estate in the western hills of Oakville, California – in the heart of the Napa Valley. Consisting of 240 acres (97 ha) of natural splendor set above the fabled Oakville benchlands, the property rises in elevation from 225 to 1225 feet (68 to 374 m) above sea level.

Download PDF (449 K) - "A Layered History of the Land" by Jonathan Swinchatt
Southern view from vineyard office

The Vineyards

Forty acres (17 ha) under vine, planted to cabernet sauvignon (70%), merlot (20%), cabernet franc (8%), and petit verdot (2%).

All hillside siting, on both volcanic and sedimentary bedrock; a combination of terraced vineyards and closely spaced vines on spare soils over fractured rock; vertical trellis with shoot positioning, 360º of exposition.

Download PDF (190 K) - "Carved Out of the Land" by Mary Maher
Northern vineyard – single cordon vineyards, terraced on contour
An aerial view of Harlan Estate
Looking south from east porch fermentation hall into Flag Room

The Architecture

"It isn't the form alone. It's also the volume and the shape of the space. And it's about context. Architecture is time, place, and function, and it reflects the character of those who create it and those who use it—their history, their culture, their heritage."

—H. William Harlan

Download PDF (170 K) - "Philosophy of Time" by Stanley Abercrombie