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"Winemakers believe that the land speaks to them of possibilities. A winemaker's goal is to express those possibilities, to capture the best of what the land has to offer."

—Bob Levy

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Harlan Estate

Harlan Estate – The Wine

"These wines possess all the elements of greatness - individuality, power combined with elegance, extraordinary complexity, remarkable aging potential, and compelling richness without ponderousness."

—Robert M. Parker, Jr.

First commercial vintage: 1990, released in 1996. Production averages 1,800 cases annually.

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The Maiden

The Maiden – The Wine

The Maiden represents the second selection from the estate. It is a highly detailed and sumptuous wine, remarkably faithful to the vineyard's pedigree. Accordingly, the resemblance to her "big sister" is unmistakable.

First commercial vintage: 1995, released in 1999. Production averages 900 cases annually.